Wednesday, February 29, 2012


  1. Download apps for use (100 Pushups and Ab Workouts)
  2. Connect to iTunes
I will also be able to use the device to check roll which will be especially useful in the gym. I will be able to manage the device by using a sign out system whenever people need to use it to do research on a particular topic.


My project is to compare the different type of physical education activities there are in various parts of the world. This project will be implemented during the second six weeks of the semester. Students will use Skype to communicate with other students across the world. Students will pick a geographic region and contact a teacher via a school website. They will ask the teacher to pair them up with a student for the project. The student will build a relationship with their partner and will formulate questions to ask in order to get a better understanding of how physical education is viewed in their region.


I could use Poll Everywhere to create questions to check for understanding with my physical education students. Then they could have their phones out in class and they could provide feedback in a different manner. I could also use Twitter as a way of sharing information to my volleyball players and their families.!/MustangVBall


Try our video maker at Animoto.

I could use these products in my physical education classes. I could let my students create an activity like the man in my Stupeflix video.

The more media these kids see the more they will want to get involved in what is going on. I could use this on the active board as a demonstration before they start developing their own activity.


I shared my volleyball documents with other members of my staff. This will keep us from having to send documents over email and worrying whether or not we have the right version of the document.