Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TOOL #11

I love all of the video issues.  I think I might try to get the students to come up with a new activity and record it so that I can catalog it and share it with other classes using Animoto.

I still have a few reservations about how to best reach all of the students with the limit number of resources that we have.  I would love to see how others are implementing these things in their classroom.

There are a lot of things out there now its just up to us to figure out how to use them in such large classes.

TOOL #10

Students should understand that once something is posted it's hard to get it back. This could lead to problems because its much harder to read between the lines on paper as opposed to reading body language from an actual person to person conversation. Its so important that you say what you mean in a clear and precise manner to avoid all of those issues.

The common sense website has a lot of great information on cyber bullying.

I would have the students research different times in which a poor job of focusing on digital citizenship caused the author a problem.

As far as approaching the issue with parents, I would discuss the issue at Meet the Teacher night so that they understand its importance.


We should hold students accountable at the stations so that they can obtain the full benefits of using the stations. If they aren't accountable then sooner or later the stations will not be useful due to them being destroyed or the fact that they aren't staying on task because of a lack of accountability.

Coaches' Eye and Animoto would be two applications that I could use in which the camera on the iPad/iPod could help me capture the way students move and display it to them.

Student's could use Coaches' Eye to capture their partner moving while working on form running. Then they could talk about the proper mechanics of form running and record them again. They could display the assignment in Animoto so that they can compare and contrast the differences.

I could also use the iPad to get quick breakdowns of technique issues during my volleyball practices. Then I can have immediate feedback to show players when their technique is slipping.